About Us

Over 50 Years experience in the homekill and meat processing industry.

Long story short

Do you know why homekill meat has a better flavour and is more tender than the stuff you get from the supermarket?
Mainly it’s because it hasn’t had the stress put on it.
You know the feeling when you’ve been on a long trip and your muscles tighten up? Well that’s what happens to animals that go to the freezing works, they get put on a truck for a long journey and all their muscles tighten up and stress.
With home kill the animal is relaxed in their own environment.
The truck pulls up, “BANG” down goes your animal, no stress, no tension.
The slaughtermen will then shock (electro stimulate) your animal to tenderise it to the best it can be, and take your order of how you would like your animal cut up (beef only).
Your Beef is then hung in our chiller for 7 days to maximise flavour and tenderness before being processed and packaged how you like, and ready on the Friday of that week
No stress for you, just take your meat home and put it in the freezer!

Our Team

Meat Solutions has 50 years experience in the homekill and meat industry. We strive to bring quality and set ourselves very high standards; which means you can guarantee our service will be second to none. Our dedicated team work very hard each day to ensure that your meat you receive back is the absolute best it can possibly be.

James Fairbrass

James brought this homekill business in 2008 and has added his years of experience and passion to make it what it is today. From his days of growing up in Westport where he undertook his butchery apprenticeship and helped in the family business, through years of managing supermarket butchers his passion for butchery has never stopped

Amanda Day

Amanda has be with Meat Solutions for five years and started her apprenticeship in 2014. She is a qualified chef. After working in Queenstown and deciding she enjoyed the meat side of the restaurant she joined our team. Her eye for detail and passion for food shows through in her smallgoods and chances are she made your sausages and sliced your meat. If your lucky she might share some of her recipes with you.

Andrew Nyberg

Andrew has over thirty years experience in homekill and butchering and adds his vast knowledge of the industry to Meat Solutions. He is a keen hunter and brings his hunting passion to the table when butchering wild game.