Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Meat Solutions.

What are your opening hours?

We are open from 7am to 5.30pm Monday ,Tuesday and Thursday .
8.45am to 5.30pm Wednesday and Friday.
We also have a chiller available for drop offs 24hrs, just give us a call for the combination.

Do you come to my property?

Yes we do.
Our slaughtermen process beef on a Wednesday and pigs and sheep on every second Friday.

How long will it take to get my beef done?

There is usually about a 2 week wait to have your animal processed, and will get it back to you the following Friday e.g 10 days later.

Once you have processed my meat can I sell it?

NO it’s against the law for you to sell meat once we have processed it. (click here for information)

How much meat will I get back?

This is a interesting question and one that there is no straight forward answer to .The amount of meat off a beast once processed can vary a great deal due to time of year , breed of animal and condition the animal is in when slaughtered.
As a very good rule – a dead cow will weigh approx half that of the live weight and you will receive about 60% to 70% back in meat and bones.

Do you do Gluten and or preservative free products?

Yes most definitely, most of our smallgoods are or can be gluten free this includes ham, bacon, salami, sausages, patties. We can also do preservative free in most products! Just ask us before we make it.

How can I pay my account?

We don’t have Eftpos so you can pay by cash, cheque or internet banking our details are:
Account name: Meat Solutions Ltd
Account Number: 06 0705 0382723 00
Reference: Initials & Surname

How will my meat come back?

All Lamb, Pork and Venison will come vacuum packed.
Sausages can be vacuum packed for an additional $1.00 per kg.
You can have your beef sliced and bulk packaged for $1.00 per kg.
Portion packed in printed plastic bags, ready for the freezer costs $1.20 per kg.
Our most popular option is vacuumed packed,  at $1.60 per kg. This keeps ageing in your freezer, and will last well over a year.

Where do I pick my meat up from?

From our processing plant at 25 Salisbury Road, most meat is ready on Friday for pick up, we will normally give you a text or call on Thursday afternoon as a reminder and to advise the price.

Can you process my wild game I have killed while hunting?

YES we certainly can, you can bring it in carcass form or boned out already for smallgoods.
Just give us a call before coming in.

Will I get my own meat back?

Absolutely– Your animal is tagged with your name when it is still at your place, that tag stays with the carcass the whole way. When you bring meat into the factory the same process happens! Guaranteed to get your meat back!

What do I have to do when you come to slaughter my animal?

Not a lot really, you just need to keep the animal stress free. If its happier with other animals, leave it with them. We just need an accessible area to process it in , and you will need something to put the offal in, such as a trailer, or dig a hole. It is illegal to take it off the property, as there is no registered offal pit or rendering plant in the region.