On-site Slaughter

We come to your property with our chiller trailer. This leaves the animal in a relaxed state. Your meat quality can be affected by how it is slaughtered, this is why all our beef is shocked (electro stimulated) which relaxes the animal and gives it it’s tenderness, at this stage it is tagged with your name (this makes sure 100% you are getting your own meat back) it is then transported back to our processing plant for ageing in our temperature controlled chillers.


Meat Processing

Our butchery at 25 Salisbury Road, Richmond is kept to a very high hygiene level which means when you come in it shouldn’t smell of bad odours. It is cleaned at the end of each day to ensure a high quality of product is received by you, the customer.
If you would like to have a look through our plant before your animal being processed feel free to give us a call.